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Understanding membrane remodelling through biochemical reconstitution

Supported Membrane Templates (SMrT) represent a versatile assay system that comprises of planar membrane patches and an array membrane nanotubes (see schematic below and Swaminathan and Pucadyil (2024) Biochem. Soc. Transac. for more details). These templates therefore display a wide range of topologies that allow us to recreate a variety of protein-mediated membrane remodelling pathways, from budding of the planar membrane patch fission of curved membrane tubes (see movies below). These assays are carried out by real-time monitoring using fluorescence microscopy. Using such assays, we interrogate mechanisms of membrane remodelling as well as screen tissue lysates for novel activities. 

Schematic of formation of SMrTs

Budding assayed on a

planar membrane patch

Fission assayed on curved membrane tubes

SMrT templates.png
Dynamin fission (5% PIP2 cyan).gif

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